Blazelight presents Alpha @ Lighthouse Evangelism

‘To be the Light of Christ Everywhere’ is the Vision of Lighthouse Evangelism.

The Mission of Blazelight Ministry follows our Church Vision by being focused on:

Building and equipping a strong Young Adults community (age 19 to 35) to:

Live Out the Great Commandment and Fulfil the Great Commission!

As such, we have committed ourselves to establishing a STRONG and STABLE DISCIPLESHIP and EVANGELISM culture in our Blazelight Community.

Alpha is one of the EVANGELISTIC platforms we have chosen for our Young Adults to invite their friends and love ones to explore the Christian Faith. What we find helpful about Alpha is that it provides a non-threatening and friendly environment for Non-Christians or Truth Seekers to explore the Christian faith over conversations and discussions, by appealing to their yearning for a reason, meaning and hope.

Alpha typically runs over 11 weeks where the group will have a meal together (we would not be able to do this every session during this pandemic), watch a video talk each week followed by a discussion. Each talk looks at a different question about the faith and is designed to stoke curiosity and encourage conversations. This is also something that we find helpful for Young Adults seeking the faith, as the approach is systematic where pertinent topics about the faith are covered.

This is the topic that would be covered during Introductory Programme:

Session 1: Is There More to Life Than This?

These are the subsequent topics that will be covered for the rest of the sessions:

Session 2: Who is Jesus?
Session 3: Why Did Jesus Die?
Session 4: How Can I Have Faith
Session 5: Why and How Should I Pray
Session 6: Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
Session 7: How Does God Guide Us?
Session 8: Who is the Holy Spirit?
Session 9: What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
Session 10: How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
Session 11: How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?
Session 12: How Can I Resist Evil?
Session 13: Why and How Should I Tell Others?
Session 14: Does God Heal Today?
Session 15: What About the Church?

We also trust you are familiar with the saying that the longest journey one takes is from the head to the heart. Alpha seeks to bridge that gap. There would be opportunities during Alpha for our friends to seek God for themselves, that is, to have a personal experience or encounter with God.

Alpha can be run in churches, universities, homes, offices or even at cafés, but generally, it is undergirded by three common threads: food, talk and a good conversation.

Our hope is that through Alpha, our guests will not only have a better understanding of the Christian Faith but genuine friendships can also be built as we learn together.

Hear from previous ALPHA participants!

So, who should attend Alpha?

1. Non-Christians who are seeking to find out more about the Christian Faith

2. Christians (old or new) who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour but have never been through a systematic exploration of the Christian Faith.

So Blazelighters, be bold, take that step of faith and invite your friends and loved ones to Alpha. This is a great opportunity to share with them the love, joy and assurance we receive from our relationship with Jesus Christ.

For our new friends, we look forward to seeing you at Alpha, to build new friendships with you and also for you to join us in this journey of exploring the Christian faith together!

Here are some materials we have prepared for you. Click on the images to download a PDF copy for your usage.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Alpha Invite.

4Bs on Reaching Our Friends for Christ

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Evangelistic Tool Card.

Ever wanted to reach out to pre-believers but not sure how to?

This 4Bs evangelistic tool will help you systematically in your outreach efforts!

1. Write down the names of 3 or more pre-believing friends or loved ones whom God may be impressing upon your heart to invite for Alpha. Do this by faith!

2. Write down prayer requests for these people so we can all pray specifically and intelligibly for them.

3. Take a screenshot of this card and email it to so that we can intercede for your friends and loved ones.

4. Print a copy of this card and place it somewhere visible to you so that you will be reminded to pray and invite these people for Alpha. You can also put a softcopy on your electronic devices for the same.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Prayer Guide.

Praying is a vital part of evangelism and effective prayer includes knowing what to pray for specifically.

In this Prayer Guide, we have outlined five simple prayer pointers (each with a guiding verse) so that you can pray for your pre-believing friends and loved ones.

Feel free to include in your prayer other pointers not identified in this list.

Registration is closed. For inquiries, please email us at