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Swordlight, our 8-year Bible Study Programme, will be introducing a more flexible, in-depth, module-based approach which will be held over a period of 1 year.

The structure of the course will move to one where the lessons are examined in closer detail, with more emphasis being placed on a deeper understanding of the meaning of the verses. These lessons aid us in understanding how biblical knowledge is relevant and applicable to our daily lives.

In the first quarter of 2019, we will be covering the Book of Hebrews. The themes of grace, faith and holy living are richly embedded in this new testament book. We will examine the role and responsibilities placed upon us in these exciting days and how Hebrews provides a blueprint on how to live our lives. These are but a few of the relevant topics that will be taught and discussed through our 8-week journey through this Biblical Masterpiece.
In Term 2, we will be examining the books of 1 & 2 Peter, and in Terms 3 & 4, we will be exploring the wisdom books in the bible.

The format of Swordlight will continue to consist of a weekly meeting on Monday, with the option of Day or Night classes, at 2pm or 8pm at either Tampines or Woodlands. Following a small group discussion guided by a facilitator, a lecture will take place.

To sign up, you may wish to obtain a form from our counters, fill it up, and drop it into the form-collection boxes at LET or LEW.
Night Classes
Mondays, 8.00 pm
Lighthouse Tampines & Woodlands
Day Classes
Mondays, 2.00 pm
Lighthouse Tampines & Woodlands
"Registrations for Term 3 will close on 16 June 2019."

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