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Church Class
Scriptural Foundation Course 1
(SFC 1)
Join our Scriptural Foundation Course 1 to enhance your spiritual growth. You will discover practical steps to do your quiet time and learn how to engage in effective prayer. We will also pray for you to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. This class will also help you with your baptismal assessment papers. Pick up a form available at the counter and sign up for SFC 1 today.
Scriptural Foundation Course 2
(SFC 2)
This is a sequel to the current Scriptural Foundation Course, which is now known as SFC 1. Due to numerous requests of students, we have designed this new 6-week course based on two other books written by Pastor Rony, Breakthrough and The Art Of Living. It is called Scriptural Foundation Course 2.

You will be taught how to break through the bondage and barrier of the devil and overcome the confines of your environment and bad habits so as to allow God to do a wonderful work in your life. Besides this, we'll guide you to discover how to harmonize your past with your present in order to live meaningfully toward a better future.
Membership Class
Be a member of Lighthouse and run with the vision of our church. Together, we shall fulfill the mandate that Jesus Christ has given us as a healing center. the Membership This class will also provide you with information on our history, independent status, mission statement, ministry philosophy and core beliefs.

Attendance at the Membership Class is a requisite for church membership.

You are required to read the book, Sure Foundation, written by Pastor Rony, complete an assessment based on the book, and fill out an application form.

Kindly obtain all the forms available at the counter or download here, fill them out and submit them via the form-collection box. Do bring along the Lighter's Basic Guide when you attend the class. If you do not have a copy of the book, you can obtain it on the day of the class.
Baptism Class
Baptism is an indication of one's decision to follow Christ. Take a step of faith and sign up for the Baptism Class and get baptised at the following Baptism. You are required to submit an application form, a personal testimony and a simple assessment based on the books Rock Foundation and Firm Foundation via the form-collection box.
Ministry Class
Knowing God is our privilege, but serving Him is our responsibility. Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human needs through yielded channels like us to the glory of God. This class is specially designed to help you shape your attitudes for effective service to the Lord. It will also help you to understand the personal and corporate responsibilities required of you in a ministry.