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Sparklight is our Christian education for children. This early spiritual education takes a child systematically through a training process from Nursery to Primary 6.

Recognising that it is imperative to instil godly principles into the impressionable heart of a child while he or she is still in the formative years, we have carefully crafted the entire course with the primary objective of laying a sturdy foundation for his or her life.
Practical and relevant issues pertaining to growing up are thoughtfully dealt with. Towards this end, we have extracted major principles of victory and success from our adult Systematic Spiritual Studies and simplified them for Sparklight. The lessons have been drawn up using material from Rock Foundation, Firm Foundation, Sure Foundation, Spiritual Journey, The Art of Living, Setting Your Course, Breakthrough, One Year to Live and Your Hour of Destiny for your child's benefit.

Every Sparklight session is a time for Sparklighters, not only to learn the Lord's way but also to be empowered to apply and experience for themselves a vibrant life of worship, joyful service to God and the people whom He loves.