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Steven Tan
Steven Tan

Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore

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Healed from Color Blindness

It was another victorious Saturday night at Lighthouse! Steven Tan, a Lighter, shared how his transformed life in the Lord impacted his son. The latter in turn trusted the Lord and received his healing of color blindness.

In June 2008, Steven suffered a mild stroke. But his sickness did not end there. Following the stroke, he was plagued with a serious nerve problem. Aggravating the situation, an overdose of the drugs prescribed by the doctor caused him to vomit and have fainting spells. All these tormented him physically and he felt terrible.

The right side of his body was weakened due to the stroke. And his left leg was attacked by a nerve problem that caused so much pain that he could not lie down and sleep. The nerve attacks would be triggered every day and there was no remedy. The pain would rage on even when he walked a short distance. So he had to find a place to sit down for the pain to eventually subside. He also requested the doctor to change his medication, as it was not doing him much good. He went for MRI and CT scans. Apparently, all the medicines prescribed to him did not help at all.

Furthermore, he was referred to one specialist after another. Every specialist would recommend a surgery but could not guarantee that he would recover from his serious condition. One specialist also referred him to a psychologist, thinking probably it was all in his mind. He went once but declined to see the psychologist a second time as he felt it was futile. At one time, a specialist after checking through his medical case file went out to call a senior doctor in. While they were discussing, the senior doctor said that since a certain doctor had specially referred Steven, then it had to be a serious case. He overheard this comment, which sent shivers down his spine. So he started to fearfully imagine the worst that would happen to him from then on. He was hospitalized for three weeks and was on medical leave for six months. He could not possibly work then because of the excruciating nerve pain.

At a loss, Steven also consulted Chinese physicians and sought help from the gods of his previous religion. Extremely desperate, he called all the names of the gods he knew. At his wits’ end, he finally called out, “Jesus Christ, please help me.” At that time he heard about Jesus, but did not know Him personally as God. That was why the name of Jesus was last on his list. 

Nothing happened immediately. But one day, his sister, a Lighter, invited him to the Miracle Service for the second time. She had invited him the first time when he was hospitalized. Though he thanked her and did not reject the invitation then, he had no intention to attend the service. But now out of desperation, when all avenues were exhausted, Steven accepted his sister’s invitation to the Miracle Service. That Saturday night, when the worship started, he somehow knew that he was in the right place. When the salvation call was given, he and his wife received Christ as their Lord and Savior. He was also prayed over for the healing of his sicknesses.

Steven attended the Miracle Service again for prayers and also the Sunday Services. He thanked God that his company paid him his salary, including allowances, during his six months of medical leave. When he returned to work, he was on light duty in the office. Once, a colleague asked him out for lunch in another canteen, which was not nearby, and suggested that they walk and not drive there. Steven agreed, forgetting that he usually could not walk that far. When he returned from lunch, he realized that he had walked more than a kilometer painlessly, something he could not do before. For almost six years, from that time in 2008 till now, he had been completely delivered from the terribly painful nerve attacks. Hallelujah! Jesus is real!

Next, Steven continued to share the latest happening regarding his son. Early last year, his son applied for a job that demanded good eyesight and health so he went for a full medical checkup. The doctor discovered that he was colorblind and told him that with such a condition, his chance of getting the job was slim. He felt sad and confided the matter to his dad. Having first-hand experience and faith in Jesus, Steven encouraged his son to join him at the Miracle Service to pray for healing. But his son said to him that there is no cure for color blindness. Steven immediately replied that there is nothing impossible with God!

Nevertheless, his son attended the Miracle Service that week. During the salvation call, he received Christ into his heart. And at the healing prayer, a Gospelighter prayed for him. The next three days, he was at home and tested his healing. The following night, something marvelous happened. He excitedly woke up his dad in the middle of the night and said he was able to differentiate all the colors. He brought his iPad, which showed all the color patterns. Amazingly, he could recognize all the different colors. Overjoyed that Jesus had miraculously healed him of color blindness, together they gave thanks to God.

The next morning, his son called the medical centre to request for a retest and it was granted. He passed the first retest but the doctor was not convinced. So he was asked to go for another retest two days later. He went and passed again. However, the doctor was still not convinced at all and referred him to the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) for a more comprehensive test. By then he was reluctant to go and wanted to call it off.

However, Steven encouraged and reminded his son that God had already healed him of color blindness and he should go for the test. Reluctantly, he went and also passed the comprehensive test at SNEC. To prove it, a letter was written to confirm that his condition had normalized with no more color blindness. With divine intervention, he was delighted to secure the job he wanted. As for Steven, he has experienced the wonderful touch of Jesus Christ in his life over these many years as a believer. 

Following the testimony, Pastor Rony shared that this true and touching story shows how one person’s miracle has touched another family member. If we do not give up on ourselves but trust God, He will not give up on us and will answer our prayers. A major part of the battle is won if you really trust God and want to do His will.  

As the message title Healing of Color Blindness suggests, God is truly Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who heals!

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