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Tan Kim Hua
Tan Kim Hua

Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore

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Triumph Over Anger & Gambling Habit

Uncontrollable anger is a weakness that the devil would exploit to plot one’s downfall and destroy relationships. However, when a person consciously submits that area to the Lord, the Spirit of God will bring the liberty and victory that one desires.

Tan Kim Hua’s life was full of turmoil. He was an angry man and would easily fly into uncontrollable rages. His colleagues were well aware of his short fuse.

To make matters worse, he was a habitual gambler and would regularly bet on 4D. His indulgence could go as high as a thousand dollars for just a set of numbers. Although he had never won, this habit had become difficult to manage. He also invested in stocks and shares and lost most of the time. All that did not help with his anger management.

Two years ago, Kim Hua decided to attend the Miracle Service as he was looking for inner peace. When he entered the Sanctuary, he immediately felt an unusual peace for the first time. So that very night, he committed his life to Jesus. After he accepted Christ, he began to experience the reality of Jesus in his life. He became aware that he could control his life. The gambling habits ceased over time. One night, on board a plane, he felt the presence of a dark force urging him to commit something he should not. Realizing that he was at his weakest point because he was very tired and lacking in sleep, Kim Hua immediately persisted in prayer. Eventually, the force left him.

Kim Hua shared that during one Miracle Service, he had an unusual experience. While seated on the

third level at Lighthouse Woodlands, he suddenly sensed the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. As he was praying, he felt an unclean spirit rushing out of his body. After that experience, he was further enabled to control his anger, thoughts and actions. The usual outbursts and rages reduced progressively. Even his colleagues noticed the difference. He believed that it was the unclean spirit that had caused all those rages.

While on a business trip in Holland, he almost had a serious accident. He was using his mobile phone while driving up a slope. Furthermore, he was also feeling sleepy after a heavy lunch and also suffering from jet lag. Kim Hua was oblivious to the fact that he was dangerously accelerating up the slope at 70 mph in that 30 mph speed limit zone. All of a sudden, he heard an audible voice saying, “Watch out!” It was at that precise moment that he discovered that his car was veering toward a divider and a concrete slab. Although shocked, startled and stunned, he was still able to instinctively steer his car to avoid the divider in the nick of time. Relieved but still in shock, he saw a bright light. Turning to the passenger seat, he saw something in the shape of a mini whirlwind. He realized that God had intervened and averted an accident to save his life. Hallelujah!

Since then, he had regularly worshiped at Lighthouse. Graciously, God had also granted him several visions. In one of them, he saw Jesus sitting on the throne and became assured that Christ is in control of his life. In another one, he saw a powerful shield that could quench any fiery darts of the evil one. From that he knows that when he exercises faith, all doubts, despair or unbelief will melt away.

How wonderful it is to know that we have a God Who saves, heals and delivers. Kim Hua’s life has been changed tremendously. Glory be to God!


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