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Jane Cheng
Jane Cheng

Healed at the Miracle Service, Singapore  

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Miraculous Deliverance from Atopic Eczema & Contact Dermatitis

For a long 13 years, Jane Cheng suffered from chronic eczema. Her doctor told her she had both atopic eczema as well as contact dermatitis. Her condition was bearable in the initial six years; then it became acute, greatly intensified and unbearable for the next seven years. Rashes like mosquito and large flea bites with intense itchiness would develop all over her body. When came into contact with paper, dust or detergents, countless weepy, oozing blisters would flare up on her hands and legs, causing intense itch. Countless bubbles would appear under her skin, causing it to swell. There were occasions the swells would be so bad that she could not close her fingers or even hold a cup properly. In her own words, she felt as if a million ants were crawling all over her body. She would feel biting, itching, throbbing and burning sensation all over her body all at the same time. Obviously, she would be kept awake a major portion of many nights. The medication prescribed by the doctor was futile. With her intense scratching, it was not unusual to discover her clothes and beddings stained with blood in the morning. Her husband, who had witnessed her plight, would often try to prevent her from scratching. Tony had to hold her hands just to restrain her. There came a time when she became allergic even to her pillows and beddings that she was compelled to sleep on a plastic mat on the floor. It was the only material that would not trigger any allergic reaction in her.

The disheartening news was that her condition was not curable. Doctor told her that she would have to fight this autoimmune disease for at least another 30 years. In desperation, she resorted to all kinds of treatment ranging from western doctors to Chinese physicians. She even ventured into religious chants to calm her nerves and also hopefully to bring healing.

Desperate, Jane even took extreme measures when the itch became intense at night. Besides scratching, she would use a needle to burst the bubbles on her skin and scald the infected areas with very hot water just to get a relief from the indescribable sensations. Nightly before bedtime, she would spend at least three hours to faithfully cleanse, medicate and dress her countless gaping sores and inflammations. She had tried every conceivable way: medically or religiously. But absolutely nothing worked for her! Eventually, a toad-skin-like condition emerged on the skin of her limbs. Her finger nails would turn yellow, crinkly and lumpy. To add to her misery, she was also inflicted with a violent cough that happened daily. Clinical tests revealed that the allergy had spread to her lungs, causing the cough.

As her condition deteriorated, she even had to bear with occasional, unpleasant comments behind her back. This had adversely affected her working and social life. Being conscious of her unsightly condition, she bandaged her fingers, wore gloves to work and clothes that covered up to her neck. So despaired of life itself that she told her husband several times that it would be better for her to die.

Her turning point came one day in 2007. While she was feeling downcast, a colleague comforted her and invited her to the Miracle Service. On two previous occasions, Jane had actually declined invitation by that friend. This time, however, she thought she had nothing to lose. Besides, she looked forward to having coffee with her colleague after that service. So she accepted the invitation.

Praise God for His wonders! When Jane walked into the service that night, she felt an indescribable peace

descending upon her. A testimony of a lady, who was cured of bipolar depression, impacted her. She mused to herself that if the lady could be healed, then perhaps she would have a chance too. God touched her that night and she gave her life to Christ. During the healing prayer, she was deeply impacted by a Gospelighter who held her hands to pray despite all the sores. The Gospelighter spoke authoritatively to the skin condition as if it was a spirit and commanded it to leave. She also asked God to give Jane a new skin.

Jane began to attend the Miracle Service regularly. After only her third visit, she was assured that she would be healed by the power of God. The rashes and swellings soon subsided. The oozing blisters dried up. The intense itching and allergy were slowly but surely disappearing. Then the toad-skin-like condition gradually peeled away and the lumpy nails dropped off for good. Healthy, new nails grew in their places. Shortly after that, Jane no longer had adverse reactions when she had contact with paper, dust or detergent.

Her allergic reaction simply disappeared. God had worked in the most marvelous way to heal Jane systematically and purposefully. Not only was her skin miraculously restored, but her spirit and heart were also renewed by the wonderful touch of Jesus Christ. Glory to God in the Highest!


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