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Ministries Videolight
What Is Videolight?
Videolight is an integral part of every Miracle Service and Sunday Service at Lighthouse. This ministry is paramount in providing visual connection and interaction among worshippers in our two centers via videoconferencing.

Our objective is to provide good visual projection, art and effects for all worshippers. During our live video production, we capture the visual aspects of the praise and worship as well as the preaching of sermons. Through our ministry, we aim to enhance the worship experience with good graphics, camerawork and digital effects, so that many lives can be blessed.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
There are various roles in Videolight - Producer, Cameraman, Switcher, Lyrics-clicker and Graphics coordinator. During the rehearsal we will go through the various details and timing to ensure a smooth flow of video production during the service.

Other than the weekly Miracle Service and Sunday Services, the ministry also supports events like dramas, musicals, concerts as well as other church services including Speedlight Service, Holy Ghost Meeting, Baptismal Service, etc.
Join Us
All we need are men and women who are willing to give of their time to God. Knowledge in handling the different equipment will come from the training sessions during rehearsals.