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Ministries Translight
What Is Translight?
As our members and visitors to Lighthouse drive into our church compounds, the first contact they will make is with the Translight ministry personnel (Translighters), long before they hear the sermons. Therefore, the Translight ministry not only manages the church car parks, but also holds the responsibility to make their first contact with the church a pleasant and positive one.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
We manage the church car parks for all the church events with the objective of maintaining orderliness and peace that would reflect our God. Recognizing that great efforts have been expanded to bring people to our church events, this ministry strives to enhance their overall church experience and so be more willing to turn to our Lord.
Join Us
If you have been blessed by this ministry and you can be a team player who is helpful, firm and yet at the same time gentle, do answer the call and serve in this fulfilling ministry.