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Ministries Torchlight
What Is Torchlight?
The Torchlight ministry, comprising the ushers, the Holy Communion stewards and the Holy Communion helpers, is a ministry that assists in establishing a setting appropriate for worship of God. We make it our business to make the visitors feel warm, welcome and comfortable in our midst.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
1. Ushers represent the church to every visitor and act as hosts. They are expected to make the visitors feel welcome and at home. They greet the worshippers, lead them to their seats, collect offerings and maintain order and decency.
2. The Holy Communion stewards are expected to serve the Holy Communion elements to the worshippers with reverence and good order. Kindly note that the Holy Communion stewards are appointed by the church.
3. The Holy Communion helpers will prepare the Holy Communion elements and wash the cups.
Join Us
Come and answer the call of service to the Lord through the Torchlight ministry. Together, we can create an atmosphere of warmth, friendliness and acceptance for all the worshippers.