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What Is Speedlight?
Speedlight is the youth ministry of Lighthouse Evangelism. Our youths, aged 13 to 18, are known as Speedlighters.
What Do We Do In The Service?

In Speedlight, we meet every 4th Saturday of the month from 3 pm to 5 pm at Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands, B1, Multi-purpose Hall. There will be a time of worship, the teaching of God's Word and other youth activities.

Pastor Rony is revamping and overseeing the entire New Speedlight from June 2017 onwards.

Apart from the monthly Speedlight service and weekly Cell-group meetings, Speedlight features exciting events, and year-end camps to cater to the spiritual growth of the youths.

We provide transport from Lighthouse Evangelism Tampines to Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands. For details and registration to book a seat on the bus, visit: