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What Is Speedlight?
Speedlight is the youth ministry of Lighthouse Evangelism. Our youths, aged 13 to 20, are known as Speedlighters.
What Do We Do In The Service?

In Speedlight, we meet on Friday evenings and Sundays at both centers of LEW and LET for a time of worship, fellowship and to learn more about God.

The youth department is led by a young and dynamic youth team; spearheaded by Pastor Samuel Sam, alongside Rico Ventura and Alina Tiong.

Apart from regular fellowship, Speedlight features events, activities and year-end camps lined up for the spiritual growth of the youths.

Our vision in Speedlight is “Paving the Way for the Generations”, to set the right spiritual climate for the empowering of the next generation; to build a faith community and home for them in Lighthouse.