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Ministries Soundlight
What Is Soundlight?
Soundlight is responsible for sound systems and operations. This vital ministry consists of a group of lay people who serve God with the same purpose and passion. Our objective is to support every service with good quality, enhanced sound and create a great worship experience for every worshipper.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
Standing at the front line with the preacher and the worship team, Soundlight is responsible for delivering the message and music with clarity to the congregation and masses during all major church services and events.

To ensure the sound systems are in order, we test every instrument, microphone and videoconferencing at both centers every week. During the rehearsal, we familiarize ourselves with the flow of events and all Soundlighters are briefed on their respective duties.
Join Us
Not only we have to equip with the tools of the trade, sound engineers are constantly placed under challenging situations where proactive and quick thinking and an effective problem-solving attitude become a vital requisite.

We are looking for young and capable men who are full of passion for the Lord and have an attitude of excellence. If you are willing to be a vessel that ushers in God's presence into our services, come join us!