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Ministries Shinelight
What Is Shinelight?
The Shinelight organizes programs and activities to provide believers to reach out to the lost and those who are sick and afflicted. As long as you have a heart to win lost souls for the Lord you can be part of our ministry. We meet as a ministry once a month for empowering and equipping our Acts-one-eight meeting and we serve in evangelistic teams once a week in various forms of evangelism programs.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
We prepare the team members for power evangelism at our Acts-one-eight meeting. Weekly, we organize evangelistic roadshows at various outreach points such as MRT stations, hospital lobbies, shopping malls, etc.

We also go door-to-door tracting at different estates year-round and invite the residents to attend our Miracle Services through the buses provided at designated estates and pickup points. We are increasing the number of busing pickup points at housing estates.

During Christmas we organize evangelistic meetings, known as Beaconlight, at homes island-wide for a period of two weeks before Christmas.
Join Us
We believe that joining the Shinelight ministry will put you in the harvest field to reach out to the lost and save them for the Lord. You will be equipped and motivated to save souls. Those who win souls are wise, so come join us!