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Ministries Praislight
What Is Praislight?
Praislight is the ministry that provides backup support singing for the English worship services.

Here, ordinary men and women with the gifting and teachable heart to serve in this ministry come together with a called purpose to put in their excellent best to add to the worship offering in vocal harmony and joyful praise. It is also to encourage the congregation to join in the chorus of worship and adoration for our God.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
Every stage service session is backed up with earnest preparation technically, visually, mentally and spiritually. Through personal preparation of team rehearsals, the entire effort is a vibrant exercise to translate natural talent and willing spirit into powerful worship, where the anointing flows through humble vessels yielded in dedication to the Lord in highest praise.

Praislighters not only rejoice in knowing their role in making the difference in life-changing services, but they also enjoy the process of honing and growing through serving.
Join Us
The ministry is always looking for people with the heart and the talent to explore their calling to this area of service. People who desire to be faithful stewards of what God has entrusted in each believer, to learn and grow as they add strength to His team here in Praislight.