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What Is Gospelight?
The Gospelight ministry sets out in faith to pray for the sick and afflicted at our main evangelistic event - the weekly Miracle Service. In ministering to those with such needs, our confidence is in the Word of God, which is Spirit and Life, the presence of God Almighty, the corporate anointing of the believers and the Holy Spirit in us.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
Primarily, we pray for the needy at the Miracle Service every Saturday night. We also assist in taking down relevant particulars of the altar call respondents for timely and meaningful follow-ups during the Miracle Service and other major church events.

We prepare our ministry members for the task at our Pre-Miracle Service prayer meeting where we place our focus on God. The prayer meeting also serves to charge up our corporate anointing.
Join Us
We believe that joining the Gospelight ministry will help you walk closely with the Lord as you obey His commands and choose to be a channel of blessing for God. You will be equipped and motivated to minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. So, join us and be a blessed army for God!