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Ministries Flashlight
What Is Flashlight?
It wasn't long ago when visual art was rare in many worship settings. But today, technology has fostered greater creativity in worship and has now given us the opportunity to do, aesthetically and musically, delightful things that were once not possible. Flashlight was created to help enrich the worship experience through the use of dramatic lighting and visual effects.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
Typically, we will have a list of the worship songs with some indications of the mood of each song. Lighting presets are recorded, edited and recalled using a lighting console. The console is where we control the intelligent lights, create stunning 3-D images or gobos, exciting scenery with proper color mixing and smoke simulations. All these will help prepare a cozy and conducive atmosphere for all worshippers.
Join Us
If you have a flair for colors, perhaps this ministry is really for you. Hesitate no more. Come and see how you can join us in exalting and experiencing Christ!