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Ministries Faithlight
What Is Faithlight?
Faithlight is committed to provide a balanced, practical and sound selection of literature and resources to equip Christians to excel in life through the application of God's principles derived from His Word.

We see our role beyond just selling books and recorded messages. We are on the front lines ministering to the members and visitors; to help bolster their spiritual health and develop a deeper faith life.
What Do We Do In The Ministry?
We administer to the needs of Lighters and visitors through the sale of Pastor Rony's materials over the counters. One counter essentially manages the order and sale of weekly messages preached in Lighthouse. The other counter handles the sale of Pastor Rony's books and sermon CDs as well as other Lighthouse resources.
Join Us
If you have been blessed by Pastor Rony's materials and you want others to be blessed as well, be in service with Faithlight. As long as you have a heart for spreading God's Word, you will find Faithlight a gratifying ministry.