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History of Lighthouse

Lighthouse Evangelism was born on April 16, 1978. Pastor Rony with eight other members, commissioned by Jubilee Presbyterian Church (English Service), conducted their first service at Chip Bee Centre. Twenty-four people were present – most of them came as a result of the nine pioneers’ door-to-door evangelism. The church grew slowly but surely and steadily.

The turning point came when Pastor Rony planted an outreach in Hotel Grand Central with the help of 10 Lighters on January 1, 1984, leaving the established work at Chip Bee to Pastor Clarence. The first service attracted 125 people; and within one and a half years, there were about 200 worshippers at the hotel.

On Sept 1, 1985, the two centers merged as one in Hotel Grand Central. With dedicated Lighters, the church grew rapidly. Two morning services were then conducted but the hall became too small.

The next big step we took was on June 1, 1986; we shifted to Amara Hotel which had just been opened that very week. For the next six years, we had to relocate our services to other hotels and auditoriums whenever Amara could not accommodate us.

These untimely disruptions spurred us to search more urgently a ground where we could build our church. Then we managed to secure the Tampines site for our first church building. Our first Sunday Service was conducted on August 9, 1992 when Lighthouse Tampines was completed. It was overflowed with our members and guests. However, only 700 faithful Lighters were prepared to travel to the east to worship with us regularly, the rest of the Sunday crowd were visitors.

At Tampines, a third service was immediately introduced on Sunday. Dialect and Mandarin services were also added, and later an Indonesian service as well.

We decided to conduct a regular Miracle Service to touch the lost, sick and afflicted. It began with a monthly meeting but soon we had to conduct it weekly as the attendance increased rapidly. By then, some people had to be turned away from the Sunday morning services, especially at the 11.00 am service, despite the fact that additional chairs were laid. So we decided to build the second healing center.

LE Woodland’s inaugural service was on August 9, 2003. Like the previous building, it was completed totally debt-free, attesting to the faithfulness of God and the loyalty of Lighters.

To date, Lighthouse is running concurrently at both centers our weekly Saturday Miracle Service and 11 Sunday Services in English, Mandarin and Hokkien. In addition, we are conducting the Children Church simultaneously with the English Sunday Services. On top of all these, the Miracle Service is also broadcasted live every Saturday with a repeat telecast on Sunday. Praise the Lord for His constant presence and guidance in causing the growth of Lighthouse with an average weekly attendance of about 18,000, comprising of 12,000 physical attendance and an online attendance of 6,000.

You may not be a part of our past, but you can be a great part of our present and future. Let’s record a new chapter of the Book of Acts together.