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Sparklight CommandantsSpecial Needs (Touchlight)

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Below 18 months18 months to 29 months30 months to 4 years old5 to 7 years old8 to 10 years old11 to 12 years old

Which of the following qualities would you consider to be your strength? (You may select more than one)

Planning (e.g. outings, events, lessons)Able to work under pressureAdaptability (e.g. able to adjust to sudden changes without panicking or getting annoyed)AdministrationGood communication skills (e.g. verbal, written)Good interpersonal skillsGood time managementLeading / Supervising a team of teachersMentoring / CoachingMulti-taskingNurturing (e.g. care for and encourage the growth of others)Organization (e.g. coordinate people or activities in a structured and efficient manner)Outgoing (e.g. friendly, socially confident, enjoys interacting with people)Patient (e.g. able to tolerate noise, delays, problems without being annoyed)Praise & Worship (e.g. singing, playing an instrument)Problem-solvingTeaching (e.g. conducting bible lessons, in-class activities)Tech-savy (e.g. able to learn and operate technical equipment with ease)

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