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你出席哪一个崇拜聚会?Which service do you attend?
兀兰早上9点华语崇拜会 LEW 9.00am Mandarin兀兰早上11点15分华语崇拜会 LEW 11.15am Mandarin淡滨尼早上9点华语崇拜会 LET 9am Mandarin淡滨尼早上11点15分华语崇拜会 LET 11.15am Mandarin淡滨尼早上11点15分福建/华语崇拜会 LET 11.15am Hokkien淡滨尼下午3点15分福建/华语崇拜会 LET 3.15pm Hokkien神迹布道会 Miracle Service其它聚会 Others

你是灯塔教会的会员吗?Are you an existing member of Lighthouse?
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你有参加小组吗?Are you currently in a cell group?
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我想参加小组!I would like to be in a cell group!


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