A community of believers to connect with and experience life together! 

It is easy for our need for fellowship with other believers to be overlooked in a large church. Cell groups are therefore an important aspect of our church life. We desire to be a church that continues to show love and care and personalize Christian fellowship as we grow. Cell groups allow our church members to gather in smaller group settings on a regular basis to discuss God’s Word and support each other as we grow in Christ-likeness.

Our cells groups meet every week except for the first week of each month. Cell group sessions are conducted intentionally with 5Ws in mind:

Welcome Getting to know each other
Worship Getting connected to God
Word Getting discipled by the Word
Warmth Getting inspired by one another’s testimonies. Receiving love
and care through ministry and prayers
Works Getting challenged to impact our world

Feeling alone in your faith journey? Yearning to connect with other fellow Christians but lacking the confidence to?  Like to share your life with others and build your faith? Join a cell group today!