Praise the Lord for It Is Done – Irene Lee

“For many years, I have suffered from chronic colon disease, and have tried various medications in vain. In 2018, I experienced a severe flare-up that caused intense bleeding and fainting.

After being hospitalised, the doctor decided to investigate the issue through a colonoscopy. But as I was wheeled from the ward to the operating theatre, I encountered a strange experience.”

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《在这世代 – 为主精兵》2023 振世营

好消息! 振世代即将在马来西亚柔佛州新山 Fives Hotel 举办第三届的振世营。营会主题为《在这世代 – 为主精兵》!

日期:12 月 15 日至 17 日 (星期五至星期天) 地点: Fives Hotel Johor Bahru City Centre 收费:成人新币$170, 学生新币$100 (费用包括来回车票、2 天酒店的住宿、3 天的膳食以及T 恤)

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