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Written by Edward Lam

Below is a recap of the salient points covered by Pastor Pacer in his message delivered on January 14, 2018. This sermon clearly defines the road map that we, Lighters, will take in the future to fulfill Godís mandate for our church.

Vision of Lighthouse 2020
Ė to be the light of Christ everywhere

These two years are very important. Every ministry in our church must be strengthened. Then only at 2020, the Spirit of God will give us the unction and anointing to move further than we have ever moved before.

Forty years ago, God gave a mandate to Pastor Rony that we will shake nations for our Lord Jesus Christ. Starting from a dingy kindergarten hall in Chip Bee, now we are known all over in Singapore as a healing ministry. On top of this, we have gone to different nations to conduct healing crusades. It is part of our legacy that no one should take away from us.

As we enter into our 40th year this 16th April, what about the next 40 years to come? If Jesus Christ has not returned, we will continue to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission Ė loving people, going to the nations and making disciples everywhere we go.

Vision is why we do what we do and it needs a mission plan and statement. Here is our mission statement:

Mission of Lighthouse 2020
Ė to shake the nations for Jesus through power evangelism, practical discipleship and planting churches.

Concerning the first P (power evangelism), we have done well. Singapore and overseas nations know about our healing ministry. Regarding the second P (practical discipleship), we are a work-in-progress. We want to effectively disciple the inter-generations in our church. As for the third P (planting churches), it is the missing piece in our effort to shake the nations for Jesus. We want to plant mini-Lighthouses across the globe. You may think that it is a huge vision, but it can be fulfilled. Bear in mind that we serve a God of impossibilities. If we are willing, serving and giving, God will lead us to that path. What an amazing legacy that will be!

After conducting an overseas crusade, we would gather all the new converts together and start a church there and then. We will start from Asia first because we are more familiar with Asian cultures.

This is going to be a huge project as we move forward. Firstly, in order to shake nations, we have to mobilize thousands of people. Therefore, we have to settle our home ground first and strengthen Lighthouse Singapore within these two years. Pastor Pacer hopes that 70% of our people will join a cell group. A cell group is the place where you make your connections with fellow Lighters who love and care for you and pray together with you. Secondly, in order to shake nations, we must first shake Singapore. How can we shake nations if we are only interested in warming the pews? How can we move forward if we are not committed? Itís not possible! Pastor Pacer hopes that one in two Lighters or 50% of our people will serve in a ministry.

How can we achieve the Mission of Lighthouse 2020?

1. Come and get involved in church events.

Join us at church events that will minister to your needs. This year, you will see the unfolding of wonderful events that will minister to different segments and age groups. Come and get involved. And not forgetting our 40th Lighthouse Anniversary Celebration in April 2018, we will have the whole church in one location and at the same time.

2. Connect through cells.

You have to connect. Come and link hands and hearts with us. The fastest way to connect is through a cell group. We will also raise the level of cells. To underscore the importance of cells, Pastor Pacer will be personally involved in every cell leadership meeting and cell leaders training.

3. Commit through serving and giving of tithes and offerings.

We should not be contented and rest on our laurels. We should desire to see Godís glory move in awesome wonder like we have never seen before. We can have Lighthouses all over the world when we move in tandem to accomplish a glorious, God-ordained vision. Come 2020, we need you to join us in our overseas crusades as part of the missions program.

Our vision and mission is far-reaching. Our Great Commission is to go out to the entire world. We need you to give your tithes and offerings for the Lordís work. With your every dollar and cent, we can start to build churches all over the world.

4. Pray corporately.

Pray for the new church leadership as we move forward. We must never allow Satan to hinder us from moving forward. The church leaders covet your prayers so that we, as a church, can fulfill Godís calling.

Fellow Lighters and soldiers of the Cross, let us march forward strongly. Together, we shall fulfill the vision and mission God has for us!