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Scriptural Foundation Class 2


Our next Scriptural Foundation Course is starting on April 30! The class is designed for Believers who are searching for Godís direction for their lives and for those going through difficult circumstances and needing a breakthrough. The first session will start on Sunday, April 30, 11:15am at both Woodlands and Tampines centers. Sign up today by filling out the forms at the lobby counter.

Course Duration:
6 Duration

Who Should Attend?
Believers Who:
- are searching for God's plan and direction for their lives
- are going through difficult circumstances and need a breakthrough
- want to know how to experience the reality of God in their daily lives
- desire to overcome struggles such as inferiority complex, negative thinking, compulsive habits, painful past and etc.

Course Topics
- What are the modern forms of idolatry?
- How can we receive the fullness of God's blessings?
- How can we deal with negative people and thoughts?
- What is God's purpose for us in our vocation?
- How can we live a balanced life of following Christ and fulfilling our secular responsibilities?
- How should we view or deal with our past memories and experiences?

For Inquiries:
Contact 67881323