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by Pastor Pacer Tan


In January 2017, we will begin a new sermon series by Pastor Pacer Tan called CREED IN-DEED! Check out this video to get a glimpse of it!

A sermon subscription is a great way to keep current with our latest 10-part series by Pastor Pacer, Creed In-deed. The MP3 audio sermon subscription costs only $20 for the entire series of 10 sermons:

1) God Our Father

2) Jesus Christ

3) Holy Spirit

4) Gospel

5) Five Solas

6) Church

7) Baptism

8) Communion

9) Great Commandment

10) Great Commission

Within 72 hours of that Sunday Service, you will receive the MP3 sermon via email which can be downloaded to your iPhone, Android, Tablet or PC device. To purchase the MP3 subscription, visit the Faithlight counter or speak to any of the friendly counter staff for more information.